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I have been working with an individual Rights Holder on ACX, the Audiobook Creation Exchange.

Bálint Bodroghy is a prolific writer of short fiction and a few memoirs,

and I am his Go-To narrator/producer!


The samples listed here are for sale on Audible/Amazon, and more titles will be available soon.


I'm always looking for (honest) 5-star reviews ;) LOL - so if any of the samples here pique your interest, reach out to me on the contact page, and let's see if we can't find a way to let you have a listen.

  I love the narrator’s voice. It’s so calming and adds to the fun fantasy element that Bodroghy always has in his books.

Made me laugh and kept me entertained. Can you really ask a book for more? The narrator's voice adds to the comedy. Definitely a laugh out loud kind of book!

The dreamy narration perfectly fits the portrayal, and transports us to this magical day of adventure and discovery.

Enticing story, narrated with a soothing and melodic cadence.

Perfect pitch, perfect cadence and wonderful, full vocal characterizations.

This is a fun little short! The narrator's voice was great as well; you can practically hear the sarcasm in her voice in this twisted vaudevillian tale.

The narrator seasons their reading with just the right blend of sarcasm and sincerity.

The narration was immediately captivating and had a terrific pace. This story (as it was being told) had me smiling hard and occasionally chuckling out loud.

This was a sweet and lovely rendition of the story of "where babies come from" wonderfully written and beautifully narrated.

Unreliable briefing for father-to-be

This is a charmingly read tale, no more implausible than the Stork or Gooseberry-bush traditions

The narration was excellent and you couldn't help but imagine all of the little prenatal angels in the clouds. I especially enjoyed the ending.

Although this book is not safe for little ears, it was masterfully narrated - the middle hooked me and then I actually laughed out loud [at the] punchline.

Extremely well-performed by emelle! She brings the character's story to life with just the right delivery at every turn. She's a bit cheeky, a bit naughty, a bit sexy, a bit sly. Highly recommend!

How did the writer get a genuine call-girl to relate it? Or someone who sounded like what a genuine call-girl ought to sound? Brilliant.

 I kept trying to figure out how it was all going to end, and I was WAY off. Really really good and satisfying ending. I'm completely amazed at the narrator's ability to jump back and forth between so many accents and so quickly! Definitely recommend this one. Loved it!

Good story. Kind of melancholy, though. Really didn’t expect the ending; definitely a cliff hanger. Liked the main characters and overall tone, good narration!

Other Audiobook Samples

kid lit

I have several young nieces and nephews for whom I read/recorded an audiobook every month or so, in 2019.

Because these are books written for children, all of the different characters (including animals) have distinct voices.

There are holiday themes, series, and even some accent work! 


Another genre that suits me is romance, particularly Western and Historical novels.

Because this category can get "steamy", I've opted to include clips here that are "tame", focusing on the romantic nature of the text rather than the sensual.


And yet one more genre enjoy is non-fiction self-help.


So here are clips of some longer books! Improve your life by listening to my voice walk you through an expert's advice!