Voiceover Demo Reels

Audiobook Samples

I hope you enjoy listening to these samples.

If you'd like to hear longer clips, reach out on my "contact me" form on the last page!

kid lit

I have several young nieces and nephews for whom I read/recorded an audiobook every month or so, last year.


Because these are books written for children, all of the different characters (including animals) have distinct voices. There are holiday themes, series, and even some dialect work! 


Another genre of audiobooks I enjoy is non-fiction self-help.


So here are clips of some longer books! Improve your life by listening to my voice walk you through an expert's advice!


And yet one more genre that suits me is romance, particularly Western and Historical novels.


Because this category can get "steamy", I've opted to include clips here that are "tame", focusing on the romantic nature of the text rather than the sensual.